Being a full-service construction firm, we offer an array of services that are tailored to your specific needs. We take the time to understand your project and are strategic as to what the best approach is to ensure successful project completion. Below are the services we proudly offer to our clients.


Preconstruction planning will determine the probability of your project’s success. We understand this and offer risk mitigating planning and a team-orientated approach to harmonize all stakeholders on a project. Through detailed reviews such as preliminary estimating, scheduling, constructability, and feasibility studies we work through the problems before they are actualized on a project.

We have some of the area’s most experienced hands-on staff whose knowledge of working in sensitive environments is unparalleled. Through this process, we help reduce the risk to our clients and ensure they are understanding all aspects of the project life cycle making informed decisions at the right times.

  • Cost Estimating and Control
  • Construction Schedule, Phasing, and Logistics
  • Constructability Analysis and Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement
  • Permitting

Construction Management

We provide exceptional construction management services for the full duration of your project. This provides the synergies that result from having the builder part of the discussion from the conception of the project. With our talented team of experienced professionals, we will guide the process for you, helping ensure you understand the entire scope of what you are programming. With our construction management services, you will be confident in making informed decisions that best suit your needs and allow us to continually deliver your project on schedule and under budget.

  • Communication & Documentation
  • Cost Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Quality Control
  • Safety
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Project Closeout

Occupied Spaces

Safe and successful construction in occupied spaces takes specialized experience and skill with a focus on the safety and protection of the surrounding occupants and facilities. This is especially magnified in the healthcare and life sciences environments where FLC has a proven record of success and client satisfaction. We thoroughly understand the sensitivities of working in an occupied space with immunocompromised patients or pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities with stringent FDA guidelines to uphold.

Through careful planning and execution with professionals that have decades of experience working in these situations, our team can ensure you that standards will be met and likely exceeded. We take our experience in these high-stakes settings and apply that knowledge and skill to all our projects. Our record speaks for itself and is proven through our client retention, partnering with some of the most prestigious medical and pharmaceutical facilities in the Boston area for the past decades and still today.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to health and safety during construction operations and uphold these standards on each and every project we touch!

In-House Carpenters & Laborers

We have a talented staff of in-house Carpenters and Laborers with specialized skills that have been cultivated from years of working in the most sensitive of environments.


Our team of skilled union carpenters is well-rounded and can perform a wide array of carpentry work that allows us the flexibility to self-perform if subcontracting is not deemed the right approach. With our team, we can ensure a project gets done right, on time, and with the quality we expect.


The stakes are very high when working in areas such as immunocompromised floors of a hospital or a manufacturing laboratory with stringent FDA guidelines. We have a group of highly talented, experienced laborers who understand their tasks of building and maintaining the appropriate barriers as well as executing rigorous cleaning standards. We recognize these tasks in many ways are the most important aspects of the project when working in these sensitive environments. Our team’s experience and professionalism are what set us apart from our competitors and are a major reason for our high rate of client retention.

Union Affiliation

We have an excellent standing with the local union affiliations and are signed with the carpenters and laborers unions. Tom and Jeff Caulfield are card-carrying carpenters themselves and enjoy close relationships with the local union leaders. This allows us significant access to some of the area’s most talented technicians which are proven through the consistent quality produced on all of our projects.